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Advantages of our Landscaping Services for Clients in Crawley

At M&M Groundworks & Landscaping Ltd, we don’t just take care of hard landscaping features such as your patio, your paving or your driveway. We also receive enquiries from many customers in the Crawley area asking us to help them turn their current garden space into something more functional or stunning.

There are many reasons why garden landscaping can become something more than just a piece of beauty. There are other benefits to be had that give our Crawley clients a series of end-user benefits.


Energy Saving - Did you know that by having your garden landscaped by our company, you could save money through the reduction of your utility bills and conserve energy at the same time? Garden hedges, trees and shrubs could protect your home from bruising winter winds whilst helping installations such as conservatories capture the sun and retain warmth.


In the summer, there’s the added benefit of garden trees and hedges absorbing heat and producing shade to keep your home cooler.

Wildlife Haven – M&M Groundworks and Landscaping Ltd incorporate soft landscaping work into our hard landscaping installations. After laying a driveway, a patio or paving, we can add complementing lawns, hedges and plants for our Crawley clients. This type of landscaping can attract wildlife such as birds, squirrels and beneficial insects.


With the addition of bird tables, your Crawley home will become a major attraction to all local bird species. Over time, it will become a haven because it offers shelter and food on a full year-round basis.


Environmental Benefits - All trees, shrubs, flowers and hedges have substantial benefits for the environment. Vegetation like this protects water supplies, provides food for insects and reduces air pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide and also releasing oxygen.


Our landscaping services in Crawley and its surrounding areas have also proved to cut down on noise pollution in your home.


Increases Property Value - Property experts and estate agents are always quick to point out that hard landscaping features, such as a new driveway, patio or paving installation, can increase the value of your Crawley home by as much as 15%.


If you’re about to sell your home, speak to us today and we can come round and offer you a free no-obligation quote on how to get the most out of your garden space. Even if you don’t plan to move, a landscaped garden improves the experience of living in your home.

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